Perfect Pearl™ can be described in 3 words.



a mother has to trust that she’s giving the safest product to their newborns. Independent laboratories have meticulously tested Perfect Pearl™; (BioScreen testing Services Inc, Analytical Laboratories Inc and Mariposa lab) for sensitivity, hypoallergenic qualities and microbiology. Pediatricians and dermatologist worldwide have recommended perfect Pearl™. Perfect Pearl™ is made 100%  in the USA.


is the second word that describes Perfect Pearl™. You want to know you will get results when using a product. With Perfect pearl™ we are committed to formulate products that will show proven success. We use the very best sea pearls in every product as our active ingredient. Exsymol from Monaco produces our pearl extract. Pearl and silanol are combined to create silpearl ™, an incredible composition that moms and babies will love.


is the final word. As we all want the best for mommy and baby, Perfect Pearl™ fulfills that need by using the highest safety standards. Ultra ingredients from around the world, like (Monaco, France, Germany and USA). Formulating a truly luxury mommy and baby line.


When time, money and energy are not sacrificed, you get a truly rewarding result… “ Perfect Pearl™”!